Monday, June 18, 2012

Ecopoxy 600UV

I bought a sample set of Ecopoxy UV600 while back ago, and I am finally testing it.
Here is what their web site claims:
"EcoPoxy® is the ONE green system that is odorless, *non-toxic, *safe, 100% solid, non-solvent, non-hygroscopic, non-conductive, versatile and price competitive. We have 26 years of industry experience and have put together "The Perfect Union between Science and Nature" in order to develop the SAFEST EPOXYavailable today. EcoPoxy® surpasses Southern California air quality standards. *Our resins, hardeners and top coats have an endless shelf life."

And here is what I experienced so far.

ODORLESS CLAIM: I still sense the same odor that I am familiar with. I think what it should say is "Less Odor" not "Odorless." My test mix is such a small amount, but it still smells as usual. Maybe less that usual? So far, I can't tell because I almost never mix this small amount.

MIXING AND POURING: I would say ecopoxy600UV behaved the same way as other products during mixing and pouring.  

: This is where I see something different about this product. At this time, it is "much less order" compared to other products. The heat from the propane burner usually intensifies the resin odor, but this product seems it throws off almost no extra fumes by heat during this process.
Another thing I noticed was that the resin does not get as hot as it usually does during de-bubbling. So, I feel a lot "safer" at this point. 

Photo below is the base of this test. I will continue to add layers to further study this product.