Monday, March 26, 2012

I am trying a new brand of epoxy resin

Ecopoxy is a resin that differs from all other resin I have used. I have a sample (UV600), but I have been unable to find time to test it yet.

This is what the manufacturer claims.

1. It is non toxic while using it.
2. It does not shrink in volume over time.
3. It does not have a shelf life.

Here is what these means, if their claims are all correct, as far as I am concerned.

1. I will not have red eyes and headache when using a large volume of epoxy.
2. There will be more freedom of designing my art because it does not cause warping over time.
3. This means that if I am not doing resin work for a while the resin will not be ruined.

Their web site sucks a little bit (bugs), but I am looking forward to testing this product. It's a bit more expensive, but I like what I am hearing about it. Stay tuned. I will eventually find time to test this and evaluate. It won't be soon because I need to sit on it to see how shrinkage goes over time, as well as exposing it to the Sun and see how yellowing goes.