Epoxy Resin - Is It for You?

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Are you interested in working with resin or just curious if this technique works with your project? There are certain important things one should know in order to determine if one should works with resin. I summarized such matters in an e-book. I warn you this book does NOT teach you how to apply resin. I wrote this because people do not know about important issues about resin. People who paid me to learn how to work with resin wasted their money because they didn't know resin wouldn't work with the materials they were intending to use or they were not aware of the certain issues. And other people didn't know how laborious working with resin would be, and they decided not to do it themselves and instead hired me to apply resin coating. Basically I don't want to teach those who drop out and will not be using resin at all.

If you are determined to coat your art with resin, you would need to know how to select material and also the entire physical structure of the art. Some materials need a lot of treatment prior to being coated. Whether I am coating your work or you are coating it yourself, there are certain things people should know before deciding whether the use of resin is something worthy of learning.

Years ago, I went to an art exhibition opening and found mixed media coated with resin without bubble or cloudiness. They had exceptional clarity and glossiness, making the color bright and attractive. I asked the artist if I paid him he would teach me how to work with resin. He agreed and I learned the basic from the artist. After that I developed my own techniques and expanded the application to my work. I did invent a lot of tricks to successfully apply resin on my work.

Resin is a very difficult material to work with. Only those who worked with it know it well. If it was so simple and easy, many people should be using resin by now. However, you probably know that it is very difficult to find someone who can show them how to do it. Thus I am happy to help, but as I mentioned above, resin is not for everybody.

The book contains the following contents:
  • Overheating
  • “Curing” Is Not “Drying”
  • Pot Life – Work Fast
  • Resin Doesn’t Stick to Certain Materials
  • Discoloration of Fabric and Paper
  • Thin Sheet of Resin Becomes Brittle
  • Myths of UV protection
  • Toxicity
  • Carpentry
  • Other Difficulties - Bugs
E-Book: Resin - Is It for Me? Some Issues with Epoxy Resin

By purchasing this e-book, a buyer agrees that this book does not provide the actual instruction on how to do it. This book is intended for people who do not know anything about resin and its interaction with different materials so they can make a realistic decision about the use of resin.
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