Resources for Artists

These are links to resin related sites. I have not tried all those resins. Use them at your own risk. Click on the name of the company to visit their sites.

ACP Composite (Vacuum Bagging Supplies)

Environmental Technology, Inc. This company provides resin and resin related products as well as instruciton books.

Reinforced Plastics Distributing (their old site) A South Florida distributor where I buy "superez"

Reinforced Plastics Distributing (their NEW site)

Liquid Glass Coating Expensive resin. I have not used their product.

FASCO Unlimited I use their product called "23-plus ultra clear." Curing time is rather slow, but the quality is high.

TAP Plastics They have some useful vidoes on instructions how to use resin

Entropy Resins I stumbled upon this one. I have not tried their product yet.

Ecopoxy Systems I tried their sampler kit for UVPOXY 600UV. Read on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3